Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Traditions

Christmas-time is here! In true Zuspan fashion -- we had to uphold the tradition of cutting down our tree. We visited the same tree farm in Arlington, and we missed having the fam with us! Although, I will say that the decision-making process went much faster with only 2 of us, instead of 7....

Of the Zuspan family Christmas tree farm traditions, we DID uphold a few: counted cars with Christmas trees (58), brought our own knee pads (his and hers!), debated over the VERY best tree, and then ended up picking the very first one we saw. We cut down our own tree and enjoyed tasty candy canes on the way home :)

We did NOT, however, listen to the Chipmunk Christmas album on cassette tape. It just wouldn't have been the same without all three parts -- Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Maybe next year....

We did start a few of our own tree-cutting power tools
And one pad for each knee

And as always, I was SUPER-helpful.

Minus the power lines, it was a great sunset!

The finished product.....

Yay! Nothing like a Christmas tree to get you in the Holiday spirit.