Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It was bound to happen....

That's right, my first Step-Aerobics injury. You heard it here first, people...step aerobics is a dangerous sport.

Last night, I was working out with "Hans & Frans"...To back up, my father refers to my workout instructor with the aforementioned nicknames, because he insists I only work out because my instructor MUST be attractive, strapping young men. On the contrary, she is a plump middle-aged lady, but she can yell with the best of them.

So back to the story; I was in the middle of a Charleston, L-Step, Lunge to Squat combo...

...when I thought it would be the perfect time to fix my ponytail. I took my eyes away from the difficult combo and I proceeded to completely roll my ankle. But I dug down deep to finish the physically demanding routine like the true athlete that I am.

Tonight, I am doing what any good patient should do....use lots of ice, take lots of Ibuprofen, and watch last night's Biggest Loser with a glass of white.

But I am determined to recover from my tragic injury, since my friend Sarah will be joining me tomorrow night for another rousing evening of Step Class with Hans & Frans. And now that I've blogged about it, she
has to go with me, sucka :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The little punkin

Today I got to see my niece, Hannah June....isn't she adorable?! Check out those Peterson eyes and nose :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wii had a great time!

Saturday night was 'family' night...and it just wasn't the same without mom & dad! But they were on the phone with us for a least an hour and it was so great to have collective family time. I wanted to post a few fun pics so they could see the fun Wii had :)

On a blustery October day, nothing beats a good pizza and hours of Rock Band...

And Boxing....

I wish you could hear the audio that went along with these pictures.
It was so funny, I just had to throw my head back and laugh!
We had a great day, and this sunset was the perfect ending....